At Employment Specialist Group LLC, we are more than Staffing Company, we are a place where we build relationships and a matching site, We are happy to get together great talented employees with Great Companies.


For job Seekers

If you are looking to continue your career or to start one we invite you to send us your resume or to apply with us.

What we do:

Management Transportation Skill Trades Light Industrial

Managers CDL Drivers Maintenance Packagers

Engineers CDL Delivery Drivers Machinists Light assemblers

Designers Non CDL Drivers Welders Quality Control

Supervisors Driver Helpers Constructions Production/ line Workers



We Listen to your needs, we take the time to screen candidates, you need the people that fits your culture, your demands of experience, you need people that will be part of the company, no just bodies.


We give you the time to know your new employees, to train them and hire them when they are ready to be part of your team, that represent large savings on benefits, until they pass their probation, you save in Unemployment and Workers Compensation that can be very painful by workers when training is in process.


We locate the best qualified candidate for your available jobs. We use platforms like LinkedIn, indeed, Zip recruiters, glassdoor, DWD, Milwaukee Jobs and of course we also use social media. Same way you may need a General Manager, Industrial salesman or a Packager or Assembler, we know where to looks for them and we wont rest till we find the one that match your needs.


We can run your Payroll, and take care of the Responsibilities coming with it, you just have to do what you do best which is Focus in your Production and Sales

About Us

Recruiting talent on these times, can get much more complicated than ever!
On these times we have many more available positions than Candidates available to get the job. Now the Candidates to work have more than one options, and they can’t wait to see of they be chosen by a company that takes weeks and a large number of interviews to see if they want to give the opportunity to a candidate for a temporary job. Now if someone takes too long, they will go to the company that offers the most and the quicker.
Our mission is to find the balance and locate those good workers that will fill your positions.

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